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Pubs have been a major part of the London landscape. Most of us have used them, but the licensed trade is going through profound change as health concerns and societal shifts transform these former hubs of social life.

Our new title Behind the Bar: the Licensed Trade in Waltham Forest is being published as it develops.

It is a major work of research running to 542 pages and 175,000 words, which has taken more than ten years of work so far, and it’s still growing.

You can 
download the latest file from November 2015 (542pp, 41MB).

We still would like to hear from anyone who has:

    * been a local publican
    * worked behind the bar
    * collected glasses
    * been part of a family in the licensed trade
    * or had any other connection with the business.

Behind the Bar has a list of all the pubs in the borough since the Middle Ages, and there were many of them. If you know any more details, or if you have any comments or suggestions on Behind the Bar, do get in touch.

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