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St James Street

Memories of Shops and Shopping Around St James Street

Exhibition now launched

Would you like to learn new skills in recording oral history interviews?


Throughout this year, members of Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop and trained volunteers will be interviewing local people and recording their memories of how the shops and market stalls in the St James Conservation Area have changed over the years.

Volunteers will be given free training in oral history and will conduct two or more short interviews during the year with support from WFOHW. We are also looking for volunteers to search for information about the St James area in the archives at Vestry House Museum. Free training will be given by museum staff. 

The recorded interviews will be a contribution to the St James Street Heritage Regeneration Project, which aims to preserve and enhance the historic character of the St James Conservation Area. They will be made available to the public as a local history resource for future generations. 

To find out more about becoming a volunteer and oral history training, contact Alice Mackay by email at wfohw.stjamesst@gmail.com or call/text 07985 962975 

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