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The Stow

Walthamstow Stadium (1931 - 2008) has been an iconic landmark in the London Borough of Waltham Forest for 77 years. 

Known locally as 'The Stow', it has been an integral part of the local culture; offering employment and entertainment to generations of local families – for many ‘The Stow’ was a way of life. It has been synonymous with both glamour and controversy, a place where the working class sport was enjoyed by film stars, whilst animal rights campaigners demonstrated outside the ground.

The Stow held its final race on Saturday 16th of August 2008. To date it is still unclear what the plans are for the grounds and although the track has been dismantled, the people and their memories are still alive.

Our project aims to document the variety of experience of 'The Stow', whether as a punter or a bookie, a dog trainer or a cleaner - we are interested in hearing your story – and that of people around you.  By documenting these stories, we are preserving a piece of this very unique local (and national) history.

If you have any memories of The Stow we would love to hear from you.

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