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Sound clips

We now have 52 clips on different project themes from our extensive sound archive.

Memories of the Workhouse

Nellie Williams remembers her time in the workhouse as a child
(these are old recordings and we are sorry the sound quality is not as good as we would wish)
the death of her father and admission
life in the workhouse
daily life

Arthur Jones was born in the Leytonstone Workhouse
recalling his early life
later worked at Whipps Cross hospital


Poor Law remembered

Boot and shoe clubs

Workhouse at Langthorne


To mark 2014’s centenary of World War I we have added several clips from the archive:

Family’s war service

Food shortages


Bomb in Hoe Street

Silvertown explosion

German-owned shop stoned

Munitions worker

Father injured in no man’s land

First experience of margarine

Blast damage from bomb

German bakers attacked

Service in Iraq and India

Horses taken for war service, and one returned

German aircraft and an airship

Song from WWI

Sam Taylor joined the army in 1917

Sam Taylor came across Chinese workers on the battlefields


Clips from our Century of Food session at Vestry House Museum:

Joe Young - Low Hall Farm cabbages

Wood Street Purkiss

De Courcy_butchers_rabbits_Purkis

Sid Revell_extract_deliveries

Sid Revell_extract_stewpot

Macropoulos_extract_muffin man

Macropoulos_extract_milk delivery

Miss Judd_cheap food & bread pudding

Miss Judd_toffee

Miss Judd_Xmas dinner

Bill Belverstone_extract_pigs trotters

Sarah Smellie_potatoes not rice

Steve Davies_extract_imported fish

Steve Davies_extract_supermarket effect

Bob Clark- supermarkets


Toys exhibition at Vestry House Museum:

Peter Cole recalls the development process for new models 

Jean Ralston was a homeworker at Britains

Gary Heals’ mother worked at Wells

For Bill Regan a drawing was the first stage of producing a model soldier

Rose Diver worked at Lesney, makers of Matchbox toys

Working conditions for Ethel Atkins 

Tom Atkins worked at Wells

Eileen Witham moulded toys at Britains

Sue Russell painted models for Britains and was enthusiastic about the products


Three clips about the "Ancient House", Walthamstow Village:




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