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World War Two

Whilst World War 1 will rightly be attracting much interest over the next few years, our thoughts have moved forward to the second global conflict, just 21 years later.

When we started our archive more than 30 years ago, direct experience of WW1 was not unusual, and that of WW2 was widespread. But now there is no-one alive with first-hand memories of WW1, though there are still significant numbers who have direct experience of WW2. We want to gather those memories while we can.

We understand that people may be reluctant to talk about their experience in 1939-45. Perhaps memories were locked away never to be talked of again, perhaps the experience is still too raw to examine, or perhaps a feeling has been growing that now it is time to talk about what happened during those dark years.

We would like to hear from anyone with a story to tell - women and men, with military service at home or abroad, war work in Britain or civilian life at home. 

Get in touch with us if you would like to tell your story - contact details at the foot of the right hand column.

Thank you.

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