Sound clips

We now have 52 clips on different project themes from our extensive sound archive.

Leyton Gateway

For new and old and former residents of Leyton Gateway, normally known as Lea Bridge Road, west of Markhouse corner, this compilation of recordings made in the 1990s should be of interest.

Local people talk about the floods, World War 1 and 2, lamp lighting, countryside, farms, trams, buses, steam lorries and more.

Listen to our compilation and perhaps next time you walk around the area you will see it with new eyes.

Also see our book The Road to Jeremy’s Ferry – looking at the Lea Bridge Road area.

Memories of the Workhouse

Nellie Williams remembers her time in the workhouse as a child
(these are old recordings and we are sorry the sound quality is not as good as we would wish)

Arthur Jones was born in the Leytonstone Workhouse

  • Recalling his early life
  • Later he worked at Whipps Cross hospital

Poor Law remembered

Three clips about the “Ancient House”, Walthamstow Village