Your story

Have you a story to tell us?

Do you want to contribute to the shared history of Waltham Forest?

Tell us about how your family managed against the odds, how you dealt with illness or disaster, the time Auntie Dolly fell over in the park, how your neighbourhood has changed, about your work, your shop, your church or club, or anything else that you’re burning to say.

By recording your story you will have contributed to the history of this corner of London, not just for now but for ever. Your story will be part of tomorrow’s history, and your place in it will be assured.

Email us, and one of our members will arrange to meet you and record what you have to say. We hope you’ll be able to agree to the recording being placed in our archive for others to listen to, and possibly on the internet, but if there are particular reasons why this is difficult, then it may be possible to agree a change to our normal consent.

It may be that you have some recordings looking at an aspect of life and history in Waltham Forest. Perhaps your father was an amateur recordist, perhaps your aunt was interviewed by a school, or you ran a project and still have those original recordings in a cupboard. Whatever the source, we can take them into our archive and make them available for others to share. Email to tell us what you have.