Mornington Hall, Chingford

We have been asked to help publicise research on this hall in Chingford. If you can help please contact them direct (email at end of text.)

“I am currently researching the hundred year history of Mornington Hall in Chingford, for its centenary celebrations next year.

CADOS (Chingford Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society) was awarded a ‘Make it Happen’ grant from LBWF – and my remit is to gather stories – oral histories from people who have used the hall in the past.

We know the hall started out as Mornington School – and was run by two women principals – Miss Edith Margaret Hunt & Miss Muriel Grace Nix.

From looking at records of council meetings in Vestry House Museum -it seems they were formidable women. Miss Nix even wrote a book of children’s stories called ‘Mrs Winkle and Other Stories’ – and they were, in 1941-42 in talks with the (then Essex) council about the use of the hall as a British Restaurant (it was already being used for the Wardens’ Service/ARP and the WRV. The co-principals were keen to distance themselves from rumours that the school was closing…and it seems they managed to continue teaching around 14 pupils during the early 40s – but that the hall was then taken over by the council.

We are interested in hearing from people who may have attended the hall from Kings School – and St Mary’s school in Chingford (and there may have been others) when it was a school canteen. We would love to hear from anyone who might have any recollection (most likely from friends/relations) about its time as a British Restaurant.

Any other stories about the hall would be great. We will (in August) be holding a story-gathering event (serving cake and refreshments) and will let you know when a date has been confirmed.

These are some of the questions we have:

– Do you have any personal memories of Mornington Hall – or any relatives who might have stories/photos?

Please contact: if you have any information – or would like to share your stories.

Many thanks for reading this. It would be fantastic to gather as many stories as possible.

Best wishes,

Theresa Rendle