Four early books added to free downloads

Four of our older titles have been scanned and made available for free download.

Pig’s Head and Pease Pudding was our second title, published in 1985, and looks at the butchery trade in early/mid-twentieth century, when the eating of meat was virtually universal.

Bullseyes was last in the series looking at local trades and remembers when sweets were made in small workshops and spare rooms. Loyalty was to a local name not a brand name, and sweet manufacture was an important part of the local economy.

Memories from makers, sellers and eaters!

We want Winns is one of the unrecorded events of World War Two – a school strike in Walthamstow where parents took control. During the nine-week dispute they took over their school and taught their children themselves.

People power in action!

One door closes is the story of one man’s struggle against disability, and his determination to rise above it.

Tom Atkins contracted polio at the age of three and then spent seven years in hospital, isolated from his family. Yet despite these early years, his positive nature led him to live his life to the full.

A story of celebration and a life to learn from.